Since the early days of Lagunitas, we’ve been focused on supporting our community. Now more than twenty years later we’re able to expand our support with the Community Grant Program fueled by Lagunitas. In order to make the most impact, we have narrowed our pyramid of focus to the following three areas:

Offering support in communities where we work and live…Fueling innovative grassroots programming in The Arts, Animal Welfare and Music Education.

Back when we were brewing beer on the kitchen stove and delivering it in the back of a pickup, we always tried to give what we could to charitable groups around Northern California. Hoping to help by turning beer into money for their cause.

Now the beer’s flowing farther and we’re fortunate enough to meet friends in even more communities. Musicians, artists, and nonprofits nurturing good things—things that require a little more than beer to happen. So we’ve created this Community Grant Program to provide further support where possible. Financial help for the helpers, thinkers, doers, and shakers whose ideas and efforts make this world of ours spin with purpose. Cheers!

Application and Further Info Below.


The Community Grant Program concentrates funding in the areas of: Animal Welfare, Community Arts and Music Education. Grants range from $1,000-$5,000.

Proposals will be accepted based on geographic areas.

Portland to Eugene, OR: Applications closed December 30, 2016

California: Applications closed October 14, 2016

Grants will be awarded to nonprofit-grassroots organizations in January and February 2017. 

No applications will be accepted by mail.  Everything must be completed online.

Please submit only one grant proposal per organization. 


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