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North Bay Fire Relief


As with all Lagunitas programs, we’ve always kept “community” at the forefront of our efforts.  It was only natural for us to jump in to help with North Bay Fire Relief.

When the firestorm disaster hit Sonoma County in the fall of 2017, Lagunitas contributed $220,000 in cash donations.  Both Redwood Empire Food Band and Redwood Credit Union Fire Relief Fund received $100,000 each. The remaining funds were donated to the Sonoma Pride Brewery Project, and in collaboration with Moonlight Brewery, we made a beer that benefited The King Ridge Foundation.  Along with cash, also we offered refrigerated trucks to Redwood Empire Food Bank to bring food to the areas needed, sent staff to volunteer at nonprofits and various areas of need throughout the community, and sent kegs of water to Safari West for the animals.

Yet, fire relief did not end in 2017.  Understanding that disaster recover takes years, through the Lagunitas Amphitheater Program, the Lagunitas Music and Community Giving departments created a program to raise funds to three local nonprofits.  We are proud to announce $15,000 in grants will be split between The Humane Society of Sonoma CountySonoma Family Meal and Habitat for Humanity Sonoma County.  We thank all those fans who came out to see live music in the Laguminiamphitheaterette in Petaluma last year.  Your efforts made it happen!

Jim Jacobs, Director of Community Giving said “There is still lots of work left to do, and many people still affected in their daily lives.  We know the importance of keeping the vision alive and are happy to be in a place to give back.”

“The concept was to help keep fire relief in the minds of our community both from a fire awareness and fundraising perspective.  Every year our community will face fire season, so why not push out awareness campaigns with a focus on giving.”

Be sure to check out all the artists who stopped by our amphitheater to help support the cause this year.

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