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Alcohol & health

When consumed in moderation, beer and other alcoholic drinks in our portfolio can be part of a well-balanced lifestyle. We are proud brewers committed to promoting responsible consumption and reducing the harmful use of alcohol. We think it is important that consumers are well-informed about alcohol, our products and how they can be enjoyed responsibly. We offer a wide range of drinks at varying Alcohol by Volume (ABV), including no-alcohol and low-alcohol options.

Consuming alcohol is an individual choice. Personal risks and benefits should be considered before consumption. Some evidence has shown that there is a relationship between alcohol consumption and certain health issues. Alcohol affects different people in different ways. For some people also moderate alcohol consumption may increase certain health risks such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes and certain types of cancer. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact your Doctor.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can create dangerous long-term consequences such as physical dependence or addiction to alcohol, and should always be avoided. Some people should never drink. For example; people who are below the legal drinking age, pregnant, about to drive or operate machinery, or cannot control their drinking.

Many governments publish recommended drinking guidelines for consumers to reference. Public health authorities also provide a great source of information. To learn more about alcohol and health, we recommend visiting the following sources:


Marketing our products responsibly

Our Responsible Marketing Code guides everyone at Lagunitas who is involved in marketing and selling our products to ensure we do not contribute to excessive consumption or misuse.

We also comply with regional and national codes for beer or alcohol advertising. We only place commercial communication where at least 70% of the audience is over 18 years or in some countries the legal purchase age if that is higher than 18 years. We will only feature people who are at least 25 years old and act and appear their age. We will not suggest alcohol is the key to social or sexual success.

We define commercial communications as all activities carried out in order to market our brands (alcoholic and any non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic brands). This includes: all advertising, the brand name, product descriptor, packaging and labelling, digital and mobile phone communication, sponsorships, product placement, promotions (on & off-trade) and point of sale materials.

User Generated Content Policy

As Lagunitas Beer, we have the responsibility to stimulate responsible drinking manners. We also want to take our responsibility when it comes to content on our online channels. Therefore, the following guidelines are active for posting and sharing comments, pictures, or other (visual) material onto our channels.

We can delete comments, pictures, or other (visual) material if:

  • It has been posted by somebody below the legal drinking age OR if somebody is shown who is below the legal drinking age.
  • There is positive or encouraging talk about consuming alcohol below the legal drinking age.
  • It encourages or speaks positive about excessive alcohol consumption.
  • It establishes a link between consumption of alcoholic beverages and active traffic participation with any mode of transport.
  • It gives the impression that there is a causal relationship between the consumption of alcoholic beverages and having social and sexual success.
  • It suggests that consumption of alcoholic beverages has a positive effect on professional practice.
  • It represents a situation that/or incites or encourages illegal, risky, violent, or aggressive behavior.
  • It suggests that consumption of alcoholic beverages is a sign of maturity and abstinence from alcohol consumption is a sign of immaturity.
  • It judges those who choose not to consume alcohol.
  • It contains offensive language or gestures; or could be perceived as such based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or culture.

The above information is intended for consumers outside of the United States.

(Last Updated 10/13/2022)

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