March 14 & 15 Independence & Lagunitas Austin BugOut

2 days of beer, bands and madness! More info here »

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Win a trip to the brewery in Petaluma, Calif. Memorial Weekend!

CitruSinensis is baaaaack!

A 12 Gang of Citrusy Goodness!

Watch the latest #Mouthfeels!

Walk through all of the #mouthfeels for our brand-spankin'-new 12th of Never Ale, available in new Lagunitas mini-kegs!


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It’s not important for us to know exactly how you arrived here, but it is important for both of us to acknowledge that you ARE here… Acceptance is always the first step.

Many souls have arrived here at the end of arduous and sometimes difficult journeys and we want you to know that you are welcomed and that we will always be here for you. Your complimentary blanket and bowl of soup will be along in a moment.

So, it is in a genuine spirit of mindful compassion that we will share this time. You are good, you are beautiful, and you are a sentient being on the planet Earth. You may or you may not have lint in your navel.

Therefore make peace with your God, whatever you conceive him to be; Cosmic Muffin or Hairy Thunderer, and take solace in the knowledge that your dog is finally getting enough bacon.


I’m 21+ I’m Outta Here