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Caution: Sugar Rush Incoming!

Beer & Candy Pairings

Picture this: the moon is full, bats are flitting about, ghosts are ghosting, and your Halloween candy stash is looking scarier than a haunted house. You’ve got a bowl of candy, but you’re an adult, and you need something a bit more… sophisticated to accompany it. Enter the un-dead ghoul, Lagunitas! We got some twix up our sleeves so grab your favorite brew and join us on a journey that will make you question why you ever settled for milk when you could’ve had beer with your candy!

Before we dive into the candy pairings, let’s quickly revisit the basics of India Pale Ales. These beers are known for their bold hop flavors, which can range from citrusy and floral to piney and resinous. The hops work their magic, balancing out the sweetness and delivering a truly delightful fusion of flavors. IPAs with a higher alcohol content are even a better pair for sipping alongside your favorite Halloween goodies…Whoa.

IPA: The ultimate OG IPA deserves a worthy candy companion. No funky pairings here, folks. But the real head-scratcher is, is it Kit-Kat, Reese’s, or Twix? (Cue murderous gasps!) We guess we’ll have to try them all to find out… But hey, if you’re more of a Junior Mints or Boston Baked Beans kinda person, no judgment here!

A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’: Time to snatch up the ultimate Halloween candy: Body Part Gummies! Just make sure you keep all your body parts intact because, you know, even serial killers need a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ to nibble on… Looking for something different? Dive into some toffee or go wild with peach rings while sipping on this oh-so-classy, smooth-AF wheaty IPA.

Maximus: Now candy corn is a polarizing Halloween candy – you either hate it or love it. But, hear us out, how about candy corn on a (banana) cob?! Yep, you read that right. It’s real, and its sugary sweetness will dance through this heavily hopped double IPA. Still not on the candy corn train? The caramel and peanut goodness of a Snickers is also a good choice!

Island Beats: Our tropical IPA is the perfect match for the fruity explosion of Skittles – those zesty hops amplify the fruity notes. But wait, want to take your taste buds on a wild ride? How about some mac n’ cheese candy canes…(You know we had to throw a curve ball for ya!)

Willettized: Boomer alert: Remember Strawberry Bon Bons? These famous grandma candies are the surprising BFFs of our seasonal stout (if you’re lucky enough to snag one)! But for those who crave a little more je ne sais quoi, any stout will pair well with the bittersweet notes of dark chocolate. So, truffle it up, folks!

Hoppy Refresher: When it comes to our sparkling hop water, it’s a match made in heaven with just about anything. But for, we’re recommending gummy bears or caramel apple lollipops as the ultimate sidekicks. Feeling adventurous? Take it to the next level with a game of BeanBoozled Jelly Beans!

IPNA: For our non-alcoholic IPA, we’re pairing it with the creepiest candies we could unearth: Real Insect Lollies. Why, you ask? Because you’re about to experience a whole new level of ‘bite’ with every sip!

Remember to sip responsibly as you embark on your hoppy candy adventure!

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