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Tea 101

Disorderly TeaHouse VarieTEA Pack

Our Spiked & Sparkling Guayusa Tea charged with a minor infraction of disturbing the peach.  Just slightly-sweet enough to let Guayusa’s crisp, herbal earthiness shine through for a summery spree, anytime of year. You can only find this flavor in our VarieTEA Pack!

Our three new delicious, different-kind-of-brews all in one handy box: The Disorderly TeaHouse Varie-TEA Pack. Featuring a fresh new flavor not available elsewhere, the slightly sweet Peach Slice, along with the berrylicious Mixed-Up Berries and the aromatic and tart Yuzu Lemon Squeeze. Our hand-picked Guayusa Tea complements these subtly-sweet flavors with a crisp and herbal-earthiness. Just 100 calories, 0g sugar, 0g carbs, and gluten-free. Boldly brewed. Nothing artificial. All in one. Word.


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What is Guayusa

Disorderly TeaHouse is brewed from real guayusa tea leaves. Never heard of ‘em? We got you.

Indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Amazon have been growing and brewing guayusa for centuries. Describing it as “ancient energy,” they use it as a natural energizer, as well as for healing and spiritual practices.

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