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Lagunitas and its Obsession with



At Lagunitas, there are a few things that warm our hearts as much as beer does. Our love for furry friends is right up there!

Our offices are a playground for pooches (they’re everywhere!), we welcome pups in most of our TapRooms, and we’ve even named each fermenter after a cherished Lagunitas family member who’s gone to the great dog park in the sky.

When you visit the brewery you see dogs aren’t just on all our packaging, they’re part of everything we do…

It runs deep in our company culture because, you see, we believe that a relationship with a dog represents humanity and therefore our relationship with dogs reveals OUR humanity. A deeply loving and caring group that extends beyond dogs actually… to all animals and their humans!

If you’re a 501c3 nonprofit hosting a fundraising event for animal welfare and rescue, and you’re in need of some beer to make it a howling success, click here and we’d love to lend a paw!

For a glimpse of our adorable LaguPups and meet our furry friends, wag your tail over to LaguPups page.

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