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  • Volunteer Brown Bags for Vets


    Since day one Lagunitas has been committed to helping our local community by turning beer into money for the cause, and now with a new addition to our Community Giving Program we can support our employees and…

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  • Guide Dogs for the Blind volunteer outing

    For Dogs

    Anyone who has enjoyed one of our beers and seen our logo would be able to tell you how much we love dogs… It is part of our fabric and there really is…

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  • IPNA and Hoppy Refresher bottles

    Beer 101: Dry January

    Another January, another pledge for an alcohol-free month. We have all been there. Yes, that includes those of us who work at breweries (in fact, maybe especially those of us who work at…

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  • Bottle in a bunch of hops

    Beer 101: Dual Hop vs. Single Hop

    To single hop or double hop? SMASH Beers. Double dry hop. Early, late, middle, whirlpool, fermentation, dry hop. Terpenes. No this isn’t a bad punk rock song. It’s the things that brewers, especially…

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  • Maximus 6 pack with yellow background

    Beer 101: Double IPA

    DIPA. An innocuous looking acronym (or maybe not so innocuous if you don’t like acronyms…). However, DIPA, or Double IPA, might cause some confusion. Do we literally mean double of an IPA? What…

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  • jumbo smoked chicken wings

    Chicken Wing Recipe

    Petaluma TapRoom Chef Supreme Katie shared her super-secret Smoked JUMBO Wing recipe with us so you can create them at home on the smoker (or in the oven…or on the grill…however you wanna…

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  • 4-Pack of Waldos'

    Beer 101: Dank Factor

    Let’s back up before the original Waldos collaboration brew, and even before the Saint Patrick’s Day Massacre bust of 2005, and keep going to even before humans were beings, about 25 million years ago (this…

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  • hopwater | Hoppy refresher

    Hoppy Refresher

    Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher is a fresh take on an old tradition … An IPA-inspired refreshment that’s zero-alcohol, zero-carbohydrate, and zero-calorie, made using everything we know about hops.

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  • DayTime can at the pool

    Beer 101: Low Carb IPA

    We’ve all had those days; for whatever reason, you start imbibing early. You could start with the IPA you knock back one or two of after work, but you know after an hour…

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  • Box with Dark Swan Sour Ale

    Tale of the Dark Swan

    Jeremy is swirling beer. Violently. It’s eddying outside the glass and all over his hand and arm, dripping onto the bar top below.

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  • Lagunitas Brewing Company Cmon Blue Pale Ale tap handle with baseball

    C’mon Blue! Pale Ale

    Chicago doesn’t get much better than a cold beer on a warm game day in Wrigleyville. That’s why we hopped on board with our neighborhood friends to brew a special ale just for…

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