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Thundercat, King Tuff and more just hittin' different


Here’s a gallery of some of our favorite shows in the Lagunitas Petaluma Amphitheater with those out-there vibes.

We were so excited to work with the psychedelic King Tuff on our 2015 CouchTrippin’ to Austin tour that we booked ’em again for a gig in the Lagunitas Petaluma Amphitheater. We captured a bit of the magic that night with a video of their track “Psycho Star”.

There was definitely Sumpin’ in the water that night Pokey LaFarge twanged through his title track “Something In The Water” in the Petaluma Amphitheater in 2015.

The ultimate hype man and wicked good emcee Lyrics Born graced the Petaluma Amphitheater stage for our 2018 #LiveAtLagunitas season. Watch him talk through the inspiration behind his commemorative show poster in our Employee Loft.

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