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Beer 101

Fresh Hops

Ahoy, fearless traveler of the Lagunitas realm! If you’ve made it this far, we’re going to assume a few things… You’re well-versed in our hop-infused history that dates back to ’93, and you’re fully aware that we’ve taken our hoppy obsession to delightful and daring heights. Plus, you’re probably secretly working on your own hop-themed cape, aren’t you? (No worries, we won’t tell!) Well, today’s tale takes us down the rabbit hole of something that tickles our taste buds and fuels our hoppy hearts: FRESH HOPS!

If you’ve been on the Beer 101 Brewer Mumblings rollercoaster, you’re already versed in the saga of Humulus Lupulus, the hop superstar that first graced beer in 736 AD. Whoa. Fast forward a few centuries, and we’re now knee-deep in hops and hop-fueled alchemy that leaves us hopping with excitement. (Pun intended.)

But let’s zoom in on the star of our hoppy show today: those schweet fresh new baby hops! Picture this – hop fields bursting with life, singing songs of zesty citrus, whispers of pine, and yes, even a touch of herbal rock ‘n’ roll. If you’ve ever wandered a hop field during harvest, you know it’s like stepping into a botanical disco party. And trust us, the hops are groovin’!

So, how do these brew magicians brew with these fresh, sassy hops? Well, it’s a bit like a magician’s secret trick. Should they add them to the kettle? Or maybe toss them in the whirlpool? How about a hop cannon? (Okay, we made that one up.) The point is, everyone’s got an opinion, and they’re all pretty much hopping mad about it! And guess what? They’re all right!

The heart and soul of brewing is all about pushing the boundaries, getting creative, and celebrating the hop-tastic journey. This year’s hop harvest even saw brewers grabbing weed whackers to make hops dance in the brew. Yep, you read that right – we’re taking “gardening” to a whole new level!

So, here’s to all you hop-loving adventurers out there – whether you’re a brewer, a sipper, or just a hoppy enthusiast. May your beers always be fresh, your hops forever vibrant, and your adventures ever hop-tastic!

Wanna try our freshest brew ever made? Find some Born Yesterday near ya today…Cheers, fellow hop-heads!

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