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Back in July of 2017, we teamed up with Bellaire, Mich.’s-own Short’s Brewing to, in their words, “push the boundaries of creativity.”

One freakin’ crazy year later, and we thought it was time to make the logical next step in that partnership and brew a beer together!

We got the Lagunitas and Short’s brewers together for a Joint Session (of sorts…) and started thinking about the beer we wanted to make. “Brainstorming has been a very mind-altering experience,” Short’s head brewer Tony Hansen had to say, “We found a way to combine forces into one harmonious ale that captures each brewery’s style.”

The end result? Passion Grass, a sessionable West-by-Midwest ale with Passion Fruit and Lemongrass. It’s a summer-y zinger from Lagunitas and Short’s.

We think Tony from Short’s sums it up quite nicely: “Lots of passion, grass and hops went into the making of this beer…”

It’s good to have friends!

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