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Cheers for Queers

We like to be the rainbow unicorn of beer and have always been a proud supporter of all things rainbow for ages, from sponsoring Pride parades to advocating for equal rights. We work hard to create a place that’s as diverse as our brews and welcoming as a big (weirdly warm) hug. So, if you’re looking for a beer or a place to drink that beer that’s as welcoming and colorful as a drag queen’s outfit, we got ya covered.

We release special edition beers in support of the LGBTQIA+ community each year in June which is basically a love letter to inclusivity in a can. Last year we brewed up Flavor Rainbow Smoothie IPA (which was super-duper delicious) and for 2023 we created Rainbowmosa – a hazy mango-blood orange IPA. Whoa.

We continue our annual partnership with GLAAD – an organization dedicated to promoting acceptance and equality for all. Each year we donate $10k to the organization PLUS we throw another buckaroo into the pot for every pint of our annual Pride Beer sold!

So, drink up and know that with every sip, you’re helping to spread love, equality, and fabulousness around the world.

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