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One Hitter

Contents Under Fresher

Fresh Hop IPA

This is the latest leap in Lagunitas’ never-ending quest for capturing the essence of fresh hops. Contents Under Fresher features whole-cone Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe & Sabro hops harvested and rushed from our family of farmer friends in Yakima. Expressed here in their absolute juiciest form.

Contents Under Fresher

Beverage Specs


Everything from mango to pineapple to coconut come through from the freshest hops you can get.


Bright orange and grapefruit notes really pop here from the ephemeral quality of the wet hops.

Fresh Hops

There really is no better way to describe this than the flavor of the smell of Yakima Valley in the fall. Since the hops haven’t been dried you get the full spectrum of flavors right in your face.

DayTime Mason Jar

Limited Release

  • CntUndrFrsh_12ozBottle_Upright.png v2 copy for web
    12 oz bottle


Beer 101: What’s on the label?
Beer 101

Beer 101: What’s on the label?

Imagine with me for a moment. You are sitting down after a long day of work, having the first beer of the evening, but your mind isn’t quite shut off yet. You don’t want to turn on the TV and you don’t have any reading material handy. So, you turn to what you do have, that can or bottle of Lagunitas that’s in your hand. You read the government warning. You read the marketing copy around the label. You even consider calling the phone number on there just to leave a silly message (please do that, it makes us all smile!). Finally, you see a series of acronyms and numbers and you wonder what the hell they are. Most likely you are seeing clusters of letters like ABV, IBU and OG. If this has you scratching your head as to what it all means, hang on as we go on a ride into beer analytics and testing!

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