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Gotta be 21+ for our tasting tours (or under 2ish). Please bring your ID or passport (or you won't get a beer).

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Wed - Sunday
Noon - 9PM

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The Schwag Store will be closed Tues. June 27th for inventory!!

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1PM - 5PM
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  • Chicago Brewery Food Menu

    Our killer snacks and shareables will satisfty your appetite... or not... whatever.

Chicago TapRoom Events

Seeing as it is the 6th Amphiversary of our Petaluma LaguMiniAmphitheaterette, we're observing and celebrating this occasion by streaming music that was recorded at our amphitheater in Petaluma! For the next little bit, celebrate with us by stopping by to listen, enjoy, and get excited for what's to come when our own Chicago amphitheater opens some time in 2018!