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Spread Some Cheers!

It’s the most wonderful kind of beer! Bring sumpin’ for everyone with a VarietI-PAck or impress your friends with one of our BeerBQ recipes. Gather ’round and raise a glass to all your friends, two- and four-legged.

'Tis the Season to Say 'Tis
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Last-Minute Gifts

Holiday Schwag

There’s no better way to say ’tis the season than with this not-so-ugly Lagunitas holiday sweater! It’s perfect for walkin’ in a Hazy Wonderland and for spreading some cheers.

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Hoppy Refresher

Cocktails & Zero-Proof Cocktails

We reached out to several trusty mixologists to share their favorite Hoppy Refresher-fueled concoctions. The results surprised even us — and we made the stuff! From Zero-Proof Refreshers to Cocktails, here’s a range of different ways to add a hoppy, citrus zing to your drink-time repertoire — without adding cals, carbs, sugar or alc. View the device-friendly, digital booklet below.

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Willettized 2022 Release

Home For the Holidaze

Feels like time’s moved sooo slowwwly since our Willettized Barrel-Aged Coffee Stout last dropped … finally the time is nigh! Brewed with Chicago’s-own Metropolis Coffee Co Spice Island blend and aged in Kentucky’s-own Willett Distillery Rye and Bourbon barrels. Be on the lookout for this limited release in your neighborhood!

Hunt Some Down!


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