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Drink! Without Drinking! (or not)

It’s that time again: another year, another pledge for an alcohol-free month. Yes, even those of us who work at breweries have been known to go for a no alcohol January! As a brewery best known for our work with hops, we couldn’t settle for bland, flavorless, alternatives to our signature IPA.

So, here’s your answer to sticking to your New Year’s Resolution whether it’s to #DrinkWithoutDrinking, to dial back on the sugar, or to count less calories: IPNA and Hoppy Refresher! This dynamic duo is pure NA satisfaction! *

Who Knew zero-proof could taste so good?
  • hops_hoppyrefresher2500

    Beer 101: Hoppy Refresher

    Our Hoppy Refresher is modern twist on a Lagunitas classic. Massively dry-hopped like our other brews. 0% carbs, 0% cals, 0% gluten, and 0% alcohol. Whoa!

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  • IPNA_HoppyFlavorv2

    Beer 101: How the NA Gets NA'd

    Our IPNA is crafted with the same ingredients as our IPAs (hops, malt, yeast, and water), minus the fez and ancient incantations. It's just under 0.5% alcohol, maintaining the same deliciousness.

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  • Lagunitas Brewing Company Hoppy Refresher Sparkling Cocktail

    Beer 101: Non-Alc Alternatives

    New year, new resolution: an alcohol-free month. But until recently, good non-alcoholic options were scarce. Enter the non-alcoholic IPA revolution that's been brewing for years...

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Hoppy Refresher

Cocktails & Zero-Proof Cocktails

We collaborated with mixologists for inventive Hoppy Refresher recipes. From alcohol-free to straightup cocktails, discover unique ways to add hoppy, citrus flavors to your drinks. Get the digital recipe booklet now!

IPNA Food Pairing Recipes

IPNA Food Pairing Recipes

Petaluma TapRoom Chef Supreme Katie whipped up a couple wicked good dishes to pair with our full-flavored, hop-forward non-alcoholic IPNA.

Cheers to Hop-tails

Cheers to Hop-tails

Need a refreshing drink? Say no more. Check out a few of our refreshingly AF concoctions that’s perfect for any time of day…


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