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Dogust All Month Long!

We love our canine compadres all-year-long, but Dogust is the month to show ’em some extra luv. Nestled in between July and September is the woofficial month of dogs. We’re sharing the love for our (and your!) friends this month in a few fun-n’-furry ways.

Get Some Schwag For Your Dog

The Brews of Dogust


Our highly balanced, super drinkable, gold standard of IPAs.

A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’

This smooth & silky wheat IPA is truly its own unique breed.


Our Colossal take on a Double IPA … For the hop heads!

Hazy Wonder

Hazy yet bright with dazzling hops and wondrously fruity.


Crisp Session IPA with 98 cals, 3 carbs, & flavor for days.

Hoppy Refresher

Crisp, zingy, and hoppily refreshing sparkling hop water with 0% Alc/Cals/Carbs…Dive in!

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Beer Speaks. Dogs Drool.

The Dogs of Lagunitas

Dogs aren’t just on our beer labels, they’re part of Lagunitas culture—everywhere from our brewery offices to the TapRooms.

Meet 'Em All

Doin’ Doggone Good

Here at Lagunitas we love Doin’ Doggone Good. And that means we take care of each other, our community, the planet, and of course – our furry friends.

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Doggone Good Tunes

Dogust Tunes


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