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Limited Release

Hopic IPA Vol. 1

Lagunitas Brewing Company StereoHopic Volume 1 12oz bottle sideways
2 Hops Align for 4-D Flavor in a 3-D world. Lagunitas Brewing Company Beer Speaks Logo

An experimental series focusing on two hop varietels at a time

Taste what happens when New Zealand’s citrus/mango-y specialty, Nelson Sauvin, & one of Yakim’s heavy-hitters, Mosaic, get together. It’s truly the best of both hemispheres.


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Jeremy Marshall


The StereoHopic IPA Series channels our 25+ year hop love affair into a spotlight on two special varietals at a time–and the interestingness that occurs between.

When two hops come together, the combination can be better than the sum of its parts… Experience how Nelson Sauvin’s catty notes of pear, honeysuckle, and lychee align with Mosaic’s dank bits of dark fruit, berries, and pine. It’s a peculiar polarity on your palate’s journey to the lupulin beyond! Align your buds and enjoy the interestingness…

Beverage Specs



Beer math on ABV (Alcohol By Volume) is pretty straightforward… the Higher the ABV, the more alcohol in the beer. No rocket science necessary.



Generally speaking, a high IBU beer will have a more bitter taste than a lower IBU beer.



The OG measures solids in the wort before fermentation to consistently arrive at the same alcohol conetent of a beer. Pretty neat, huh?


Brigth orange zest helps set off some of the catty and berry notes, lending a beautiful brightness to the beer


Think tart berries, like gooseberries, and you get more from the hops. While the beer itself is not sour, your brain might try to tell you that it is!

Catty Dank

Though ‘catty’ can sometimes be used negatively to describe a beer, we worked to highlight this note with the heavy dose of Nelson Sauvin hops, bringing another interesting dimension of hops to the forefront



  • 12 oz bottle
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