Waldos Bottle
The dankest and hoppiest beer ever brewed at Lagunitas with the help of the Waldos in honor of the origins of 420.
So who are the Waldos?
Let's take a trip back in time, shall we?


The hippies are coming down from the Summer of Love; there's a scene still happening at Haight-Ashbury; and the Grateful Dead, with their Merry Pranksters, spread their music - and the Northern California lifestyle - across the entire country.

Not far from the hamlet of Lagunitas, in a small Northern California town, a group of five student sit on a wall at their school. Not unusual.

One day, the unusual happened. The Waldos were given a treasure map that supposedly led to a 'secret garden' in the hills of West Marin - a field of marijuana, abandoned and left for the taking.

School got out at 3pm and football practice took about an hour, so the Waldos made a plan to meet at 4:20pm near the statue of Louis Pasteur, to smoke weed and search for treasure.

The Waldos met that day at 4:20, piled into their '66 Impala, and headed out on to a search for their hidden treasure (luckily they brought some of their own).

From that day on, they would meet each other in the hallways and say '420 Louis', a code that eventually shortened to '420', signaling to their smoking and treasure-hunting rendezvous.

Through the 70s & 80s, the term 420 spread around that small NorCal community and to the neighboring Haight-Ashbury scene. Like a dutchie from the left hand side, the term passed across the country… mostly thanks to the Dead-heads and other traveling bands of stray dogs and misfits.

In 1993, in the hills near Lagunitas two treasure hunters, well-versed in 'The Code', met on the side of the road and talked about brewing beer. They shared it with the local community, building the Lagunitas tribe along the way.

In 2011, forty years after that first 4:20 meeting, the folks at Lagunitas called up the Waldos to see if they could brew a beer together in honor of the origins of 420.

The Waldos agreed and they all traveled to Petaluma to brew the first batch of Waldos' Special Ale, the dankest and happiest beer ever brewed by the Lagunitas Brewing Company.

While the secret garden was never found, Lagunitas and the Waldos still get together every year to make some treasure of their own - The Waldos Special Ale. Brewed for the treasure hunters everywhere. Cheers!

The Unbelievably Heady but Totally True Story of the Waldos' Special Ale
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