Hiiiiiiighly Limited

Brewed for all the treasure hunters.

Herbaceous. Botanical. Dank. Resinous.


ABV 11.9 O.G. 1.107 IBU 100+
Availability April... 4/20/17 Introduced 2011 Sold As 6 Pack On Tap
Pair With Good with Beer-battered Twinkies Con Queso…you can find out why if you google 'Waldo 420'

In 1971, the Waldos met one afternoon at 4:20 in the front courtyard of their school near the statue of Louis Pasteur. They set out in a '66 Impala armed with a "treasure map" on a journey to find a secret garden near Point Reyes. They met there at the same time every day and continued their quest. They never found the secret garden....But they keep lookin'. The dankest and hoppiest beer ever brewed at Lagunitas was made with help of the Waldos for all treasure hunters.

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#MouthFeels: Waldos' Special Ale

Feel some #MouthFeels on the DANKEST and HOPPIEST beer ever made by Lagunitas. Brewed with the help of the original Waldos, for the treasure hunters everywhere. Cheers!

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The Origin of '420'

Hang with the Beer Weasel, Ron Lindenbusch, and the original Waldos' as they walk us through the founding of the term '420'

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