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Lagunitas Brewing Company Hazy Memory 16oz can sideways
Outlook hazy. Try again later… Lagunitas Brewing Company Beer Speaks Logo

An Unforgettably Hazy IPA

We’re going a bit blurry on this nebulous release… Hazy Memory is a cloudy IPA full of oats and smooth wheatly-esque-ish-ness, packed with some of the murkiest, juiciest, turbid Loral 291, Hallertau Blanc, Galaxy, and Citra Hops. It’s a huge flavor you won’t forget!


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Jeremy Marshall


As the name suggests, this one’s true to the Hazy Beer Style and true to the Lagunitas approach of defying style, too. Hazy Memory is evocative of everything we’ve learned in hop-forward brewing, expressed in a glowing, unfiltered voice.

Hazy Memory IPA gets it’s hazy smoothness from oats and wheat, while it’s aroma is pungently blueberry-ish from the Loral hops and citrus-passionfruity from the Citra and Galaxy hops.

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Beer math on ABV (Alcohol By Volume) is pretty straightforward… the Higher the ABV, the more alcohol in the beer. No rocket science necessary.



Generally speaking, a high IBU beer will have a more bitter taste than a lower IBU beer.



The OG measures solids in the wort before fermentation to consistently arrive at the same alcohol conetent of a beer. Pretty neat, huh?


Aromas of tons of juicy tropical fruits layered in with some funky papaya funkiness really shows you what hops are capable of

Stoned Fruit

Another aromatic element of the hops used in Hazy Memory is the deep stone fruit character (think peaches and nectarines) that add a nice depth-ish-ness to the beer


A light valencia orange flavor balances everything out, smoothing the finish


Gone But Not Forgotten

Beer 101: Hazy Beer
Beer 101

Beer 101: Hazy Beer

This is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down. The world’s first IPA begins with an entrepreneur, who was lucky to have located his brewery business close to the East India Company, which was in the business of bringing exotic stuff back to the UK, and that meant the ships were a little light on the way there (plenty of room for beer). His name was Richard Hodgson and the brewery was called the Bow Brewery. Sadly, that brewery is gone and sitting in its place are some boring condos.

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