We are proud to announce our 2017 Tiny Desk Contest winner - Tank and The Bangas!

In collaboration with NPR Music we watched more than 6,000 videos. Ten judges weighed in and we are proud to have fallen in love with the sounds of New Orleans' own Tank and the Bangas.

This is the 3rd year of fueling the NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest. Now that the entry window is closed, we wanted to look back at some of our favorite/wackiest entries from the last few years!… Out of the thousands of videos submitted from unknown bands these stood out to us for their creativity, originality, and overall awesomeness. Check back as we're adding new ones each week and announcing the winner soon!

See some of our faves below. Check back often for more! 

^Best straight-faced performance while a pizza plays the balloon and frolics in the background

^Best remix/reuse of a didgeridoo sample. This would be our jogging soundtrack if we ever jogged through the Upside Down in Stranger Things.

^Prettiest harmonies accompanied by an LED quilt 

^ Bedroom electro pop by an honest dude… only he’s not in the bedroom. Just wait for the reveal!

^Best off-camera shout-out to Lagunitas followed by the loveliest 1st-song written by a sister-fronted band from Philly.


Part of their prize was their very own NPR Tiny Desk Concert … watch below:

Here are some amazing entries from last year's NPR Music's Tiny Desk Contest...

^Definitely had to watch this one twice to make sure we were hearing it right... These gals might come after you!

^Best use of another person's desk

^Best voice from a BEERed dude.

^Our favorite jam about jelly doughnuts... This video has some outstanding choreography!

^A very cool homemade 8 string guitar and a very, very cool old hearse for a background.Twang that tickles your tastebuds!

^Hands-down the best song we have ever heard about feet... This song will get you stompin'!

^Satirical hip-hop will always be in good taste. This song is at your service! Best song about doing you a favor.

^Who doesn't love UFOs? The end has an great theremin solo!

^These guys really shine with their use of silver.

Our favorite submissions from 2015's Tiny Desk Contest

^Best use of cacti in a song/music video about boats.

^Best genre bender, and fantastic use of video editing.

^Best band name, P. Skunk Willy and the Post Virus Apocalypse. Also great usage of a green screen.

^Best use of a sink/face mask...This one will twist your head!

^Our favorite smelling song.

^Hands down, this was out favorite Heavy Metal Office video … well, pretty much the only Heavy Metal Office video. But even if there were 666 others, this would probably rock the hardest.

^Our favorite use of a Christmas Tree Lot while drinking Lagunitas

^Our favorite video of a dude in a shower. Um...not that we have a running list of this category, but, yeah we'll just leave this here.

^Favorite use of an office piano.

^Our favorite song about particle board, plus great lip syncing.

^Our favorite orchestra of old souls.

^Best song about pasta.

^Our favorite Yiddish Om Mum Mum lyrics.

^Best mechanical drum set!