War and Treaty
& The Dip

Live from Petaluma Amphitheater 2019

The 2019 Live at Lagunitas season has officially begun! Our BottleRock Hangover show brought us two breathtaking bands co-headlining the LaguMiniAmphitheaterette stage. Seattle’s-own The Dip brought the funk and folks were kicking up dust on the dance floor in no time. It would have been a tough act to follow if it weren’t for The War & Treaty, who hit the ground running to the sold-out crowd. That Memorial Day became even more memorable when lead singer and US Army veteran Michael Trotter shared his own stories of survival on stage, bringing everyone together for one big group hug. We couldn’t think of a better way to start the season!


Shots fired by Sterling Munksgard and stellar poster by Bala Creative.


The Soul Rebels

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Live from the Petaluma Amphitheater 2019

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