The Nude Party & Friends

@ LUCK Reunion

From LUCK Reunion

We first made friends with The Nude Party all the way in Nashville, Tennessee during Americana Music Fest.  They were playing a Luck show and we got to know them over a Sumpin’ Easy from the corner bodega

Fast forward 6 months or so to Austin, Texas. We teamed up our friends at LUCK Reunion to create a little Rock n' Roll corner at their festival, curated by none other than The Nude Party. We asked them to pick a few of their favorite bands who weren’t on the lineup and decorate the stage however they wanted.  The result, “Cowboy Casino”.

 The band chose friends they had met on tour throughout the years that were in Austin at the same time for SXSW. GLOVE, Fruit Tones and The Mystery Lights came and rocked the stage. From Florida, Manchester and New York respectively each band brought a sound completely unique to LUCK.

We look forward to seeing The Nude Party again at our Amphitheater all the way here in Petaluma, Calif this summer. It’s good to have friends.


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