Son Little

Live from The Petaluma Amphitheater 2018

September Seventeenth Two Thousand and Eighteen was another fabulous night in Petaluma, Calif. and we were joined by two great acts that it was so great to see again.

 Starting off the evening was Heart Society all the way from Louisiana, some friends we met at a different party a few months ago on the Caymeo Cruse over the Gulf of Mexico.  It was so fantastic to see their smiling faces again, but this time in our neck of the woods. Their catchy rhythms and  perfect beats really set the tone for the evening and by the end of their set there wasn’t a single set of still feet in the place.

Then the moment we have been waiting for a few years from now, the triumphant return to our beloved LaguMiniAmphitheaterette was the stupendous, stunning, Son Little.  A pre revved crowd and a few cold beers really got everyone in the mood to boogie to Son’s sweet sweet songs. His set was a great blend of classic favorites and some new tunes that we were so stoked to hear, that the crowd really roared after each one. If you haven’t had a chance be sure to check out his newest album New Magic on Anti-Records. 

A perfect evening with a true one of a kind strummer that we are always happy to hang out and have a beer with. Until next time, here is a little photo evidence of the party, shots fired by Sterling Munksgard

Poster by Kyler Martz


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