Lyrics Born

Live From the Petaluma Amphitheater 2018

Last Tuesday, we kicked off July 4th a little early with a jam-packed soulful evening at Live at Lagunitas in the LaguMiniAmphitheaterette. 

Jelly Bread kicked off the night with a high-energy set that brought everyone to their feet. Their distinct sound of desert twang combined with funk and rock was downright electrifying. 

After a beer or two between acts, the crowd danced to the soulful hip-hop sound only Lyrics Born can deliver. It was a family affair as his wife and 8-year-old joined him on stage! Lyrics Born brought a new sound to our little amphitheater, and the crowd loved it! As the sun set, not one person was sitting down!

Photographic evidence below shot by the one and only Sterling Munksgard, and out of this world poster designed by Geoff Kim


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