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Live At Lagunitas 2024

Ibibio Sound Machine & Orchestra Gold

Tickets go on sale September 16th @ 4:20pm – Grab yours before they sell out!

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Fronted by Nigerian singer Eno Williams, Ibibio Sound Machine is a clash of African and electronic elements inspired in equal measure by the golden era of West-African funk & disco and modern post-punk & electro.

Their newest record Pull the Rope, is a nimble, sleek machine that’s thrilling from the first note of the opening title track, Eno’s otherworldly voice and PK Ambrose’s throbbing bass driving through a kaleidoscopic array of house, post-punk, funk, Afrobeat and disco, bangers and ballads, making an argument for unity that begins on the dancefloor.


Oakland-based ensemble Orchestra Gold offers a kaleidoscope of sound deeply rooted in the Malian tradition while introducing a genre-bending nod to the future through their rare and artful fusion: African Psychedelic Rock. This original sound with a retro feel result from a decade-long collaboration between Mariam Diakite of Mali and Erich Huffaker of Oakland. The music of Orchestra Gold represents this powerful intersection, transcending borders and boundaries to be a force of healing within the community.

…pure fire… I want to see this band so bad.” -Bob Boilen, NPR Tiny Desk

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