James McMurtry

Live from the Petaluma Amphitheater 2018

Monday July 9th was one we will certainly not forget around here at LBC. We celebrated our 7th Live At Lagunitas show with perennial favorite James McMurtry!

Special guest Bonnie Whitmore played a fantastic warm up set that really got the crowd going. She brought her unique style of tunes to a crowd that was ready to boogie. Her tunes and big smile lit the place up in anticipation for James to take the stage.

By the time James McMurtry took the stage, there was not an empty piece of floor space in the whole LaguMiniAmphitheaterette as folks from far and wide packed the bowl waiting for the tunes to kick off. It was truly a sight to see... and we for one know how good it is to have friends. Especially so many dedicated music and beer fans that keep Mr. McMurtry coming back year after year.  Not a single face in the crowd could be seen without a smile on it. We cannot wait for next year’s show already.

Yet again, a spectacular evening to be in Sonoma County!

Here are a few HIGHlights from the show, shots fired by Will Bucquoy and stellar poster by Dan Grissom.



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