Lagunitas Azusa

becoming playground for limited, one-off beers

Lagunitas Azusa becoming playground for limited, one-off beers

Through all our breakneck growth over the last decade, something we never had was both time and space. It’s the stuff physicists get super excited about. Coincidently, brewers do, too. That’s why we rushed to open our 2nd brewery in Chicago. And why we planned this 3rd location.     

Now, with both Petaluma & Chicago handling capacity just fine, we’ve got the time to use the space in Azusa a little differently than first envisioned—as a playground devoted to barrel-aged, experimental brews not available anywhere else!

We’re going to create special beers in Azusa that will be served in the new Azusa TapRoom & Beer Sanctuary (expected to open Fall of 2018), a two-story destination as unique as the beers created underneath. With a roof deck on the top level and a surround view of the brewery below, it’ll cater to both locals as well as beer fans from across the globe.

Imagine sitting in a two-story TapRoom, looking out over the San Gabriel Mountains and sipping on one-of-a-kind beers created right below your feet.

This new space means time to get new gear! We’re getting our hands on 20 oak foeders (those giant, wood barrel-looking tanks) from France, which we’ll share with all three of our breweries. Azusa will get the bulk and become a lab, of sorts, for our team of mad-scientist brewers. The size of these tanks, ranging from 900 to 2900 gallons, will allow us to take much bigger risks and have a helluva lot of fun doing it. 

In addition, we plan to create unique one-off hoppy beers—of all colors, hats and sizes, alongside the wood aged funky stuffs. 

What we’re going to do with beer in Azusa will likely inform what we do in the future in the U.S. and globally. So it’s a very exciting time for Lagunitas. 

And just like all our TapRooms, Azusa will be available on Mon & Tues evenings for local nonprofits to use free of charge, to raise money for all their great causes.

More info on Lagunitas Azusa TapRoom & Beer Sanctuary

…We’ll be using foeders, barrels and a small cast of supporting stainless to make unique and limited ever-changing beers. Certain ones will evolve and rise and turn into more. Others will come and go. All will be delicious.
—Jeremy Marshall Lagunitas Brewmonster
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