#CouchTrippin' to Austin, TX....

Last March we fluffed the pillows on our most beloved piece of furniture and took it on the road with us as we once again went #CouchTrippin’  to Austin, TX….

If you haven’t gone before, CouchTrippin’s kinda like a brewery roadshow…we brought freaktacular talent from our Beer Circus, comfy couches from our Loft, and fresh brews and bands to Denver, Boston, Charlotte, Atlanta, Phoenix, Austin and, of course the winning after party city of Philadelphia. We made some unforgetable friends along the way! A big ThankYouVeryMuch to Dan Deacon, BadBadNotGood, The Black Angels, White Denim, and Lucius for bringing the tunes and putting us all in a good mood! 

Grab a seat on the couch, and take a look at highlights from this year's tour. And hear our roadtrip mix of the stellar bands that went CouchTrippin’ with Lagunitas… Cheers!

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