Lagunitas Takes Its Partnership with HEINEKEN to the Next Level to Accelerate the Development of Lagunitas and Craft Beer Globally

PETAFUKINLUMA, Calif May 4, 2017 – Lagunitas today announced that HEINEKEN has acquired all the remaining shares in Lagunitas. The two companies have enjoyed a successful partnership since 2015 when HEINEKEN purchased a 50% stake in Lagunitas through a joint venture agreement, bringing Lagunitas and American craft beer to more people around the world.

Tony Magee, the founder of Lagunitas, will continue as the Executive Chairman of the company and will be supported by his current management team. He will continue to oversee culture, brand and recipe creation. In addition, Tony Magee will consult separately in a leading advisory role as Director of Global Craft to HEINEKEN and its Executive Board on the global and local craft strategy.

Tony Magee, founder and Executive Chairman of Lagunitas, said, “During the 19 months of our partnership we have come to trust and truly believe in each other. Through that we have found ourselves aligned on how to bring the vibe of U.S. craft-brewing to beer lovers everywhere. Only by fully committing to this relationship can we both respond to the historic opportunity that awaits us in all 24 time zones.”

Jean-François van Boxmeer Chairman of the Executive Board & CEO of HEINEKEN added, "Our partnership with Lagunitas has been a great success and today’s announcement marks the next stage of an exciting journey. We look forward to accelerating the roll-out of Lagunitas to many more markets, and sharing craft beer with many more beer lovers around the world.”

The combination of Lagunitas and HEINEKEN will help the companies to accelerate the growth of craft beer internationally by removing the complexity of the joint venture. Lagunitas can now make the most of HEINEKEN’s financial strength and global infrastructure, while HEINEKEN will also still learn from Lagunitas’ understanding of craft beer and the hopes of beer lovers.

To maintain the Lagunitas culture and free spirit, Lagunitas will continue to operate as an independent entity within HEINEKEN and will report within the HEINEKEN Americas Region. This partnership has worked from the very beginning because HEINEKEN has always respected Lagunitas’ beers, traditions, people, benefits, and partners.

Lagunitas has breweries in Petaluma, California, and Chicago, Illinois, with a total capacity of 1,500,420 barrels. A third brewery under construction is scheduled to open in Azusa, California, in 2018, which will help Lagunitas keep pace with current demand. HEINEKEN, on the other hand, has over 165 in more than 70 countries.

The transaction has been completed with immediate effect.
For more background on the joint venture, check out Tony Magee’s blog at http://lagunitast.tumblr.com

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About Lagunitas Brewing Company:

Lagunitas Brewing Company began on a kitchen stove in Northern California in 1993. From actually getting beers into bottles and onto the streets, Lagunitas looks to the future... From expanding the Petaluma Brewery to building a second in Chicago and soon a third in Azusa CA to bringing its flagship IPA across the pond Lagunitas could probably make good beer on the Moon. Wherever you go, beer speaks, people mumble. More mumblings at www.lagunitas.com.