Portland Community Room

After 23 years of brewin', hangin' and music makin', we at Lagunitas have seen and done (and drank) a lot. And this year this old dog is learning some new tricks in a town that's been a part of our story since day one. We decided early on that the best way to say "thanks" to all the folks that have helped us in the community is to return the favor. So we're settin' up shop here and bringing to Portland, the very same non-profit programs that we offer at both of our TapRooms in Petaluma and Chicago. We're openin' our doors (and taps) to local non-profit organizations to help them turn beer into money for the cause. A Lagunitas team will be on-hand to ensure turnkey execution of the event and, most importantly, that all of their guests have a great time! Please note: 

  • Max occupancy is 200 people 
  • Available evenings, 7 days a week
  • 21+ guests only
  • Must be a nonprofit 501©3 organization registered in the state of Oregon 
  • Site visits by appointment only. Schedule via email here: pdx.community@lagunitas.com 


237 NE Broadway, Suite 300, Portland, OR 97232 

In order to have a Fundraising Event in the new Portland Community Room, you must be an Oregon registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.