Born Yesterday Fresh Hop Ale


Quite possibly the freshest Fresh Hop ale you'll get your paws on—Born Yesterday. How? Our farmer friends in Yakima, WA harvested and rushed straight-to-our-breweries the freshest wet, un-kilned hops. Then a herculean effort involving the Lagunitas brewers commenced with a quickness … sorting and picking through the hops to ensure the freshest of the fresh. After all the lupulin glands are sufficiently tickled, the hops go into a proprietary Borning Process which allows us to take these whole-cone hops (not pellets or oils or other sorcery) and deliver their absolute essence and liquid likeness to you in bottles and kegs for an immaculate reception.

Smell-O-Vision | Jeremy-isms:

Brewmonster Jeremy Marshall smells through some of the hops that made the cut (and some that weren't up to snuff) for our Born Yesterday Fresh Hop Pale Ale...

Smell-O-Vision | Born Yesterday Pale Ale:

The hops in our Born Yesterday Fresh Hop Pale Ale are so fresh you can almost smell 'em!

Born Yesterday | Hop Harvest:

The Fresh hops of Born Yesterday Pale Ale have been brewified and are on the way to you now! Congrats! It's a beer!