Kinda like our IPA on steroids

Flavor so hoppy it threatens to remove the enamel from one's teeth.

ABV 8.2 O.G. 1.080 IBU 72.41
Availability unLimited Release Introduced 1996 Sold As 6 Pack 22 oz. Bombers On Tap
Pair With Coconut curry with fried hot dried chili anchovy-infused paste, lime rind, and lemongrass served over jasmine rice

I leaned back with my feet up on my desk. I read my name backwards on the door and wondered. Like a bad joke told to a brown-shoed square in the dead of night, it all came rushing back to me. I thought carefully about getting up from my desk, putting on my new Velarimosa prawn hat, opening the door to the hallway, checking the spelling on my name one more time, closing the door behind me, making my way down the evening street full of worn gastritis, continuing to a dark doorway, the length of which would lead me to a knuckle-worn bar top of mildew and pine, mounting a bow-legged stool and ordering a pint of the nectaral Maximus Ale. And then I did.

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#Mouthfeels: Maximus

Originally made in 1996 (and continuously). Once beer drinkers came around to the hop profile of the IPA, we decided to kick it up a notch and ramped up the recipe for our IPA using the same ingredients, but more of 'em. Lots more.

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Here's to all those "...corrupt pirate pastrami burrito vendors" everywhere on #talklikeapirateday #maximus

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