Dark, Thick, and Scary

Made with Highly roasted malted barley, and plenty of it, to give the beer an uncommon richness and smoky, roasty depth…sorta like a hydraulic sandwich in a glass.

ABV 9.9 O.G. 1.092 IBU 72.54
Availability unLimited Release Introduced 2001 Sold As 22 oz. Bombers On Tap
Pair With Fabulous Frapples a la mode with frozen cinnamon vanilla yogurt

Having downed his fourth Imperial Stout of the day, the wild eyed charlatan from Voldvrostronglaky belched and hollered for the Czarina to enter his chamber and bend herself to his will. The economy was a wreck and revolt was just around the corner. Nicky the Czar dude was off playing soldier like any pale nobleman with a hemorrhagic skin condition would. Such were the final days of the old empire. Reactionary, decadent, sputnik, stroganoff, weird, and drunk. But even as the proletariat countryside labored under inhuman conditions and the threat of being sent to a futile war in the east, they wisely took the time to slam back an Imperial Stout or two. After all, life can be a real 'suka' as they said in the old country. Big, black, bourgeois, bolshoy, belligerent, buxom, and scary. This is our version of the end of an era in a bottle.

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Virtual Stout: Imperial Stout

A style originally made in the 18th century for Tzarina Catherine II of Russia so the beer would make it from London to Russia without spoiling or freezing. We kept the potency, the richness, the hammer, & the sickle, but tweaked the rest for the 20th century palette. Drink With The Vast Minority.

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