Limited Release


A tart and Bubbly Grape Ale

It was magnificent like a diamond, but with an origin shrouded in mystery. Transcendental and, one might say, pulchritudinous like Venus and all her celestial splendor. The crowd moved toward its light like sheep to their shepherd. When the mythical bird finally came into view it did so with the brilliance and magnitude of so many Suns. To the astonishment of every witness, its wings unfurled with nary a zephyrean sound. Then, sparkling with an intriguingly-purple vividness, it rose gracefully into the air. Light as a glimmer, yet dark as an omen. A dazzling, winged conundrum, stunning all in its path...

Beer Specs

Sparkling Swan

This sparkling beer-wine hybrid is something to toast to... brewed with red wine grapes and super bubbly like champagne, but with a gentle kiss of hops and a light malt backbone like a beer. It's a purple people pleaser, perfect for any celebration. Share it with 'buds this holiday season!

ANV 6.5
O.G. 14.7
IBU 28


12oz 12pack