One Hitter


A Lagunitas-ified verson of a traditional Farmhouse ale.

Stepping up to the podium, Brettanomyces collects his notes; fragments of ideas on melody, thematic development, recapitulation, mutation, thematic variation, restatement, and so on. Water, Hops, and Malted Barley sit first, second and third chair. The toasted oak walls await the sonic wort, anticipation fills the hall. The whole room watches, bated breath, as the Maestro, wiping phenol, guaiacol, and isovaleric acid off his brow, raises the baton and begins…

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This is a Lagunitas-ified version of a traditional Farmhouse ale, aged in red wine oak barrels and funkied up with Brettanomyces yeast. It’s a golden saison-sour with a nice tartness that leaves your buds quenched and wanting more. Proost!

ABV 8.2
O.G. 17.7P
IBU 10.8


12oz 4 Pack
On Tap
On Tap