Limited Release

A Little Sumpin'
Extra Ale

Light in color, but huge in flavor and satisfaction.

The big sister of the Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale. Lots of wheat for a curious malt complexity and leaving it light in color, but huge in flavor and satisfaction. It's 50% malted barley and 50% wheatly-esque-ish-ness. It's bigger, badder, and bolder. Cheers!

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A Little Sumpin' Extra Ale

This is my space. I write the words here. I am the ghost in the machine. These words are the voice of the beer you have been drinking, or will soon drink. The words are profane, pedestrian, vulgar. These words are not refreshing, they are not magical like the beer they colorfully wrap. You and I have only words and these words are my nearly desperate attempt to be understood. The beer beneath me is never desperate, it is nearly sacred. It is a promise. It knows that it is a dream of running in grass, a dream of music in the sky, a bridge to another shore. It is a communion wafer on your tongue and you take it into your body in the same hopeful transcendent pursuit of solace and community with the eternal. Of course, it isn’t any of those things unless you want it to be so, but neither is the communion wafer. These words are all I have, but the work of the guadrillion yeast cells acting in their own eternal congress and the message that they have for you, shepherded by a handful of brewers to you in this form is a thing that you now have, in your mind, in your hand and soon, once again, in your mind. The time for words is ending now…Call us sometime and share some words! 707.769.4495 Cheers!

ABV 8.7
O.G. 1.082
IBU 72.51


May-June 2018

22 oz
22 oz Bombers
On Tap
On Tap


A Little Sumpin' Sumpin'
Unlimited Release

This special ale is something fairly new under the sun. It's got a lot of wheat, it's rich with hops, it finishes dry. We've watched with some amusement as the internet beer rating sites argues over how to 'classify' it. We're in the camp with Japhy Ryder when he declares to Ray Smith that "Comparisons are odious!" You ever notice how everything has to be today's version of yesterday's whatever. Well, whatEver. Sometimes we wonder what the world would be like if everything was perceived for what it is, and not what it reminds you of. The sun would rise everyday as if for the first time, you'd wake as if newly born, you'd see your lover next to you anew, the air would smell like flowers, work would be like the first day back in school, a beer would make your eyes roll back in your head in ecstasy... well, maybe not... but you get the idea...

Beer Me
Unlimited Release

In keeping with our tradition of sucking, we need to make room for other new beers and bring the sub back to the bench... for now. Lagunitas Sucks began as a short-term substitute for when we didn't have brewing capacity to make Brown Shugga'. Since then, it has substituted into our Unlimited Release line-up, a Winter seasonal 12-pack, and even as far out as a ginormous 32oz quart bottle... who knows what form it will take next. Thanks for drinking it. We suck!

Beer Me