O+ CouchTrippin’ to New Orleans. . .

Lagunitas CouchTrippin to New Orleans

* * * Thanks to all who came out and partied. Stay tuned for vids & pics from our journey! * * *

There’s gonna be a bunch of parties along the way (even one at someone’s house) to New Orleans. There’ll be a special #CouchTrippin Fusion Ale, the crew at O+, a bunch of killer bands, some freaktacular entertainment from the Lagunitas Beer Circus, and even some well-loved couches from the Loft in Petaluma. Parties are 21+ over only. So if you’ve got a valid ID, RSVP now. Then be sure to show up early ‘cuz RSVP only gets you on the list … once the party’s full, it’s full. See ya!

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Not only are our friends at O+ Festival fellow music lovers, they’ve found a way to take its healing powers to a whole new level… O+ invites participating artists and musicians to exhibit their talents. They in turn get access to care from art-loving health and wellness providers. Win, win. Right? See how their 3-day celebrations help entire cO+mmunities at www.opositivefestival.org.

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Watch: Man Man “Deep Cover”

Man Man frontman Honus Honus brought his ‘uke CouchTrippin’ with Lagunitas in San Francisco’s Mission. See the full band live at the NYC and New Orleans shows.

Brewing the CouchTrippin’ to New Orleans Fusion Ale

Watch: Little Hurricane “Hold Me Back”

Little Hurricane CouchTrippin’ at (and around) Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma.



Lagunitas CouchTrippin