Lagunitas is CouchTrippin’ to New Orleans. . .

We’ve got some big news for this next tour… check back Monday July 28th. Or not. It’s all good.

Highlights from the first #CouchTrippin tour

Video: Allen Stone #couchtrippin in the Loft

Video: Watch how we made CouchTrippin’ Fusion Beer with bands & other friends. . .

Lagunitas enlisted a mix of members from bands and music & beer sites to not only brew CouchTrippin’ Fusion Ale, but create a special variation of it for each show. Bands included Allen Stone, The Mowgli’s and Tumbleweed Wanderers. Plus beer minds from DC Beer, Beer Street Journal, Kim’s Bay Brews and Good Beer Hunting; and music-centric folks from FILTER Magazine, Brightest Young Things and Consequence of Sound.
Each of the four variations will be tapped at a big freakin’ party along the way to Austin, where people can try the beers side-by-side and take in a mix of both the Austin and Lagunitas experience … killer tunes, some freaks from our Beer Circus, and well-loved couches from our Loft. RSVP above.