Come CouchTrippin’ with Lagunitas …



Lagunitas CouchTrippin
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What’s the story on CouchTrippin’?

In 2015, Lagunitas Brewing Company will once again be hittin’ the road with fresh bands, tasty beers, freaktacular talent from our Beer Circus, and even couches from our Loft—CouchTrippin’ to the big music fest in Austin!

Why the couch? Well, if you’ve ever been to our Loft in Petaluma you already know it’s filled with stuff we love (including well-loved couches). In 2012, the web got to see one of those couches travel to Chicago, bringin’ a bunch of other stuff from the Loft (click here to see the video). So now the couch has become our preferred vessel for riding around the country, sharin’ our favorite things from the brewery: music, bits of the beer circus and beer with friends. Word.

Watch: Man Man “Deep Cover”

Man Man frontman Honus Honus brought his ‘uke CouchTrippin’ with Lagunitas in San Francisco’s Mission. See the full band live at the NYC and New Orleans shows.

Brewing the CouchTrippin’ to New Orleans Fusion Ale

Watch: Little Hurricane “Hold Me Back”

Little Hurricane CouchTrippin’ at (and around) Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma.